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Meet Nancy

Eat Heal Glow Nancy Boyd

Her ability to perceive substitution as an art form is a common thread running through her health initiatives. Nancy has transformed countless standard recipes into delicious vegan cuisine.

“The artist in me rose to the challenge of discovering substitutions for traditional cuisine, layering the flavors of fresh herbs from my garden to bring complexity, and using nuts for texture and richness. As an artist, I welcome change, and the opportunity to evolve my work.”

However, even the healthiest of diets can’t keep us well if the rest of our lives aren’t balanced.  For Nancy, yoga provided the key element for incorporating exercise within a broader framework of enlightened health and beauty. 

Nancy has combined all her experience and knowledge into a health coaching, plant-based food and styling business. Her creative insight will help you develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Her passion is to help you age beautifully by nurturing your body, honoring your passion, feeling and looking your best on the inside as well as the outside. As a Holistic Healthy lifestyle coach, she would love to work with you. 

Nancy Bond is a Crozet, VA based Holistic health coach whose philosophy blends her passions and experience in art, fashion, health, nutrition and cooking. Nancy’s artistic talents were honed at the Swain School of Design. She has always considered art as an essential expression of being, taking form in a variety of activities and interests. This creative mindset inspired her work as a painter, jewelry designer and stylist in the fashion and beauty industry. The loss of both her parents to cancer, however, prompted a parallel interest in health and nutrition. What began as a desire to change the trajectory of her own health through personal education led to certifications as a health and wellness coach, plant-based chef and Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Nancy soon realized that her inspirational artistic skills could be creatively merged with a broader passion for helping people age beautifully by nurturing their bodies, while feeling and looking their best on the inside as well as the outside.

For Nancy, this evolution was a natural extension of artistic challenges she faced in applying her skill as a painter to other art forms and media. Her jewelry is inspired by natural elements, recycled and antique pieces, and a fascination with the enchantment of movement and drama of fashion. Her scarves draw on the ethereal quality and unpredictable nature of silk, where colors take on a life of their own.

Eat Heal Glow Vegan
Eat Heal Glow Vegan Pizza
Services & Specialties

Eat. Heal. Glow

Veganize Your Life: These programs range from fully immersive vegan coaching and lifestyle planning, to basic consults, cleanses and cooking classes. Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and go vegan or if you’re just looking to learn a bit more, I can customize the experience just for you.

Eat Heal Glow Initial Consult

I offer a free 30 minute phone call where we will spend some time reviewing where you are on your health journey and what goals you have to lean into a healthier lifestyle. Some clients will want to go all in and others may want a slower transition into a plant based life-style. We will come up with a plan and decide if you would like to move forward to get on my personal coaching schedule.

Eat Heal Glow Cooking Classes

I always say that cooking plant based is like learning a new language, but once you know how to season and the right healthy plant based options to substitute for your old favorites it's super fun and very easy.

Group gatherings with friends or private class options available!


Eat Heal Glow Programs

Use the 6-Week Jump Start as a great way for you to dive right into this new plant based lifestyle.


Or explore customized monthly maintenance program for clients who have completed my cleanse a single session with me.

Eat Heal Glow Single Session

Including initial Health Assessment & Goals Review Food Log Review Feedback and Lifestyle & Diet recommendations

Eat Heal Glow Pantry Makeover

A pantry makeover is actually a kitchen makeover - yes, including the fridge!!! The simple act of cleaning out the junk and having healthy and delicious food that is easy to access and beautifully displayed will inspire you to eat a more healthy diet.

Eat Heal Glow Close Makeover

Nancy has spent many years as a designer and stylist helping women to look and feel their best. She will help you shop in your own closet and make stunning outfits that suit your style, body type and lifestyle needs.


Support your body from the inside out, by adding in high-quality, whole food, plant-based nutrition along with living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 


Thirty Fruits and Vegetables in capsule form, vegan omega 3, and the most delicious plant based protein powder.


I think of Juice Plus as added nutritional insurance. I eat loads of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats every day, but the additional nutrition found in these powdered capsules has been part of my health routine for ten years now. They are an easy way to get more plant omegas and plant polyphenols into our bodies daily. The Juice Plus Protective Plus BUndle, delivers exactly that at a fraction of the cost of trying to get that through food daily, not to mention the time to get it done. Of course, eat as many real fruits and vegetables as you can daily. In fact, I found that taking JP daily has me and my family craving more fruits and veggies. It improves sleep, gives me tons of energy and helps me glow from the inside out. 



Eat Heal Glow Vegan

"My doctor wanted to put me on medication for high cholesterol. With Nancy as my health coach I was able to cut 41 points from my LDL count in 5 weeks and avoid medication! Without meat and cheese I thought I would starve, but Nancy gave me many ideas for alternative foods that kept me full and feeling great!”

Pam, Boston

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